Remagine Solutions is a software development and consulting organisation that specialises in offering “Vertical” industry solutions to fill the void left by packaged software solutions. These solutions are uniquely designed and engineered to meet the needs of these specific industries. Using specialised industry knowledge and an experienced team, they have been tested and deployed ensuring that organisations are not deemed as the metaphorical guinea pig. As a long-term Microsoft Certified partner you can ensure our expert team deliver reliable and robust solutions in the following industries... 

Re-designed | Re-engineered | Re-imagined

With a long history and strong presence in the funded Healthcare sector, we understand the unique requirements associated with running a Primary Health Network organisation. Remagine Solutions have designed a customisable and integrated CRM and Finance solution with Microsoft that meets your industry's unique needs by combining your community and stakeholder management, events management, contract management, purchase approvals and government compliance.

Carepoint for Dynamics 365
Carepoint for Dynamics 365 Business Central
Business Intelligence for Healthcare

Community and Disability Services

Remagine Solutions expanded on their Healthcare solution to incorporate the vast requirements of the Community Services sector. Our Carepoint add-on for Community Services assists with managing the wide range of human services functions, including multicultural affairs, community services, older people, women, public and community housing services and policy, children, youth and family support services and policy, disability policy and services (NDIS), therapy services, Child and Family Centres, homelessness, community engagement, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, and community disaster recovery.

Carepoint for Dynamics 365
Carepoint for Dynamics 35 Business Central
Business Intelligence for Healthcare
FoodServe for Dynamics 365 Business Centra 

Food and Beverage

FoodServe has been developed to save organisations in the Food Manufacturing / Food Services industry on administrative costs. The integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows the food and beverage industry to tackle the time consuming administrative tasks that confront businesses in the Food Supply Chain. It takes out the manual, labour intensive processes and systemises them so that users get results at a click of a button rather than through hours of data entry, sorting information and compiling reports.

Manufacturing and Distribution

To adapt to the changing needs within the manufacturing industry, it is crucial for organisations to produce the right products at the right time, with the right quantities and quality. Having accurate information handy is the key to success within the Manufacturing industry. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is able to meet this requirement by focusing on product design, production forecasts and overhead costs, as well as being flexible and having compliance standards in accordance with the ever-changing needs of their consumer markets.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

In today's business culture, a powerful business intelligence tool is essential in translating the growing amount of data into analyses that inform better decision-making for the future – and it’s no different for professional sports teams.  BI360 is a powerful report writing, dashboard and budgeting tool that ensures professional sports teams can be confident in keeping track of regulatory compliance and focus their attentions on being competitive as a team and as a corporation. With some of the biggest names in the sporting world already benefiting from BI360's insights, your team can gain the same professional advantage.

Business Intelligence for Professional Sporting Teams

Professional Sporting Teams

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