Mailchimp Remagined

Make the Most of Your Marketing Campaigns

Mailchimp Remagined is a plug and play app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that allows you to quickly turn your CRM data into your email campaign engine. By uniting the power of a leader in email campaign generation, Mailchimp, with another leader in CRM technology, Mailchimp Remagined is a panacea for your e-Marketing campaigns.


Build personalised campaigns, then watch the campaign statistics and metrics flow right back into your Dynamics 365 application. Analyse the statistics for each lead, prospect, client, or fundraising donor and get a complete view of your email performance.

Marketing Metrics

Mailchimp Remagined helps you to view Mailchimp campaign activity in Microsoft Dynamics 365. It allows you to get a clearer picture of who your audience is and how to keep them engaged, from a one-on-one view to a full bird's eye view.

Individual Insights

Mailchimp Remagined allows you to send the right message to the right people. With all of your campaign data displayed directly on your Contact record, you gain valuable insights into the messages that matter most to your individual customers and leads.

Seamlessly sync your campaigns into Dynamics 365 so you can target your contacts with Mailchimp’s full suite of marketing tools, including specialised email content, ads, postcards, and more all whilst having all of your Dynamics 365 Contact insights at your fingertips.

Campaign Collateral

Mailchimp Remagined syncs your Campaign data and references your Campaign Templates to Dynamics 365 so you can send targeted messages to groups with similar interests. With Mailchimp Remagined, access campaign statistics directly from the campaign, contact or lead records within Dynamics 365. This enables your entire marketing, customer service, sales and/or fundraising teams to access, analyse and collaborate on up-to-date and relevant marketing data all from within their Dynamics 365 environment.

Integration Features

  • Create Mailchimp Campaigns and Lists within Dynamics 365

  • See information about each Campaign or email (emails opened, clicked, sent, bounced, unsubscribed)

  • Upload Mailing List groups to Mailchimp Lists/ Groups

  • Create blasts from Dynamics 365

  • Send Mailchimp emails from Dynamics 365

  • Connect Mailchimp Templates to Dynamics 365

  • Use CRM information to create dynamic content in your templates using merge tags

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