BI360 is a sophisticated and robust business intelligence solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics and is based on Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Excel. Remagine Solutions have proudly received Solver's BI360 Australian Partner of the Year for the past three years running.

Professional Sporting Teams

Business Intelligence 

Sporting teams have been using analytics for years but it is really only in recent times that the Australian Professional Sporting scene are starting to recognise the need for more modern, dynamic and business user friendly systems in order to keep their organisation and team competitive. More and more, data is driving the action, on and off the field. BI360 is a business intelligence tool that makes financial and other sources of data more digestible to the stakeholders within the sporting club. Clubs can easily share stats, charts, and tables with employees at any level of the organisation. It can help improve in-stadium data analysis such as merchandise and ticket sales, and decrease unnecessary staffing during games, for example. It can present financials to board members and executives in a palatable format along with competitor analysis and compliance to salary capping. Report Writing is easy with drag and drop functionality within Microsoft Excel, live data feeding directly from Microsoft SQL, and a data warehousing option that turns all of your sources of data into a playground of analytics to ensure better and more informed decision-making for your team. 

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